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 A Smile is a Universal 'Hello!'   Welcome! Copywriting/Author/Videographer/Voiceover

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Cynthia's Services



Businesses want to be seen. Cynthia provides Your Business with copy that will keep your readers interested in what Your Company has to offer. This is accomplished in several ways...

Direct Mail or Video Sales Letters, Commercial Scripts for Videos, Radio, TV, and Internet, E-Books for Promotional Items or for Describing Your Products/Services. Visit Cynthia's Copywriting page for answers and a link to her dedicated website. 

Author/ E-Books

Cynthia has been an Award-Winning Author since 2013 with her first book, "Are You in the Will?" Branching into writing E-Books for her Clients to give to interested customers, or to inform and educate them on their Company and Products brought in a different dimension to an old theme. White Papers that educated client's customers took a twist when Cynthia added color, pictures, and stand alone text boxes and sidebars. Suddenly, an instrument of distinction became visually interesting, too. 

Voiceovers and Videos

Cynthia has sung most of her life. It was a short jump from singing into speaking for voiceover work. The phrasing and cadence of speaking sentences is much like the breath and tone used in singing. Videos came along when Cynthia realized that much of the internet is going visual instead of just printed. Sounds, music, and visually appealing pictures and movement are the norm instead of the exception. To be current in the marketplace today, Your Company needs a landing page video, or a great PowerPoint presentation to keep your prospective customers engaged in what Your Company has to say.

Lay Speaking

Cynthia is a Certified Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church. For more information, or to contact her to speak (and sing!) at your church.

Vendors and Affiliates

Cynthia has other businesses that she promotes on her Vendors and Affiliates page.


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About Cynthia

Cynthia Wears Many Hats! It sounds like a Dr. Seuss Book... But, like "The Cat in the Hat," When Cynthia retired in Jan. 2017 from the Postal Service: She Insisted on Being Busy! 

Order Your Business Website Promo Video

Most Websites will have a Video on their Main Landing Page by the year 2020. That's next Year, folks! Will Your Webpage be One of Them? Visit Cynthia's Voiceover and Video Page for more Information. Or Contact Cynthia Directly to Get Busy Now!

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Cynthia has her own Audio Logo, written by Joe Monkhouse of the UK. Entitled "Heavenly"