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CYNTHIA SAARIE - Commercial Script Copywriter

Are You in the Will? Book Cover and CD

Cynthia's Book "Are You in the Will?"

Your Personal Workbook for Your Walk with God


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"Are You in the Will?" 

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Cynthia voices her book on a CD. You can purchase a CD from this website. The book is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com 

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Listen to Cynthia voice her own words.  Integrate the Words of God, from His Holy Bible, into Your Life.  Order Your CD today. Shipping and Handling are included with the $10 price.

5 Star Award Winning Author

Reader's Favorite Review

 Reader's Favorite
5 Star Award
~ Book Review Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite
"Are You in the Will?"
by Cynthia J. Eckert Saarie 

Is an uplifting book of faith and belief which will encourage readers to tune their energies in tandem with God. The author tells us that reading about the messages given by God is not just enough; we have to learn to speak them to ensure that our life is better and peaceful. God has a plan for all of us long before we are born and, by reading the Bible, we are able to find out about God's plans for us. The book contains mainly uplifting quotes and affirmations that will help readers to overcome their problems and get on with life smoothly if they incorporate these into their lifestyle. The book is inspirational and motivational and the quotes from the scriptures and psalms are insightful and profound. God and his Will for you is the dominating theme of the book. It also helps us to live with God in our daily lives. Listing the things you are thankful and grateful for in your daily lives is a good exercise given in the book. It gives readers an opportunity to connect with God and the realization of His presence in our lives. All thoughts are put down in nice short quotes with a simplicity and clarity that makes it easy for readers to connect immediately with the thought. It is easily applicable in our daily living. 2014  110 Rainbow Colored Pages.

Reader's Favorite Award

Reader's Favorite 5 Star Award

Cynthia JE Saarie's Book,

"Are You in the Will?"

One of only 5 Books allowed into the country, of any

Religious Nature, at the Beijing, China's Book Fair 2015

Finding the Good 
is easy 
if you look 
with Love.
Cynthia Saarie  
Freelance CopyWriter


Singing is My Prayer, where Words become Alive in the

Realms of Heaven.
Writing Words are my Prayers before

the Melody has been added!

Cynthia Saarie

Cynthia's E-Books

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