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CYNTHIA SAARIE - Commercial Script Copywriter

United Methodist Lay Speaker

Christian Believer:

You must Believe

John 17: 19+20

For them I sanctify Myself, so that My disciples too, may be sanctified by the truth of My Words.  I am not asking on behalf of My disciples alone, but also on behalf of those who will Believe in Me through the message that My disciples preach.

You must Pray

Acts 8:22

Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 

You must Choose

It is up to you to decide what to think and say, how to feel and how to act towards others. No one but YOU stands before God when you die. What will you have to say for Yourself?


Teacher and Missionary, Noreen Corey - City of Bata, Equatorial Guinea, Africa


Please help me pray for Missionary Noreen Corey. She is on the Western Coast of Africa in a school (Manos Felices, Happy Hands) for the Hearing Impaired. Noreen used monies donated for her support, and the First Lady of Equatorial Guinea's help, and built this school. Noreen trained her staff, many are graduates of her school, Creating an Education Program for these children, for more than 10 years. These children lost their hearing when they contracted malaria as a baby. Help me by supporting her with your prayers and dollars. 100% of all monies donated go directly into her account. No funds are kept out for administrative actions. 

To give: Send your Tax Deductible donation to: 
Bill Cook Foundation   C/O Noreen Corey
3 Oak St.
Geneseo, NY  14454

I love this woman, and I've never met another like her.

Please help if you can, today.

To donate to Noreen Corey

SlideShow Videos for Church or Non-Profit Special Occasions

As a Lay Speaker, I understand how Churches get their services out to the world. Do you have a Special Event coming up at your Church? I can put it on a SlideShow Video with Text, VoiceOver, and Copyright Free Music. Special Prices for Churches and Non-Denominational Services. Let's get the rest of the World to see what you are up to at your house of Worship. This Video was at my church, 1st UMC of Phoenix, NY Our Annual Cookie Walk. Customers are given a box and a latex-free glove.  $9 a pound.