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Come join me in building our Valentus businesses. Let's make some people thinner and everyone some cash while doing it. It's a movement of Coffee vs Fat. Guess who's winning? Yeah, Valentus Optimum Premium Weight-loss Coffee. The Coffee that curbs your cravings while helping you drop the pounds, forever.



Weight Loss, Curbs Cravings

Valentus Optimum SlimROAST Premium Weight Loss Coffee

Patented Formula, the ONLY one in the World that has a Neurotransmitter built in to Curb Your Cravings. Drink it hot or iced to fight those cravings. I like it iced, with a packet of Truvia. (Stivia plant natural organic sweetener) There are no products to hold onto to resell to others. Nothing sitting on a shelf for whenever. I chose to give away samples because I love this coffee! No one told me I had to do this, I Love It and want to share! Email me today if you want to try some. USA Residents only.

I am a Network Marketer of this Coffee!

Do you want to lose weight? Most people report a pound every day or two. I lost 15 pounds in 27 days. Really.  Do you want similar results?  It depends on when you decide to join my team.  I accept hard working team players. Those that are HUNGRY to earn a great residual paycheck. Payday is Every Friday! Those that have at least a half dozen hours to work HARD on their business each week. Those that know how to organize their time, and work with the team to get results. To join MY TEAM, and Go ALL IN (the "Phoenix is Rising Team") that Rises Up out of the Ashes of Despair) starts at $80 Basic orders to $600 Full Premium Membership and Business package.  There are three levels of Business. 

(You will only be a product user for $80, - a one time fee of $20 to join, + $60 one product each month. - This is not a business.)

 If you want to hear the  Team phone call Tuesday and Thursdays 6 PM Pacific time, 9 PM Eastern time...dial 530-881-1212 and when prompted put in the pin 745-112-327 and the Pound sign #

Remember, We are a Team, and there's no "I" in Team! 

If you are Truly Interested...

Go to this web address and put in your email address and watch this video. 

http://www.dollarsmove.us./start/?source=dollarsmove  to Pre-Enroll.

Or if ready to join the Phoenix is Rising Team go to


USA Citizens can order Samples Here


Valentus Promo Video

Optimum SlimROAST Coffee

Check out this great video

Tracy Biller's Ultimate Success CD's

​Does anyone here know Tracy Biller? He's an amazing speaker on motivating people to work smarter in their network marketing businesses. He has an email he sends out to help keep his followers moving forward in their efforts. There's a cd set that he sells that I've found to be some of the best advice I've ever heard! I highly suggest you check Tracy Biller out at his website and sign up for his inspirational messages. His cd set can be found at www.UltimateSuccessCDs.com $19.95 / a 7 cd set. ​ 

Marketing Help


You are a marketer... You need to be able to find great leads for your business. I have two links for you to try and let them work for you. You decide. 

#1)  https://elitemarketingpro.com/go/amf/?aff_alias=Csaarie

#2)    http://www.mlmrecruitondemand.com/?id=csaarie 

Les Brown's Motivational Testimony

Les Brown did a Video with Eric Worre, and  I  had to share it with you. He motivated me.  I knew I could be a marketer of this coffee. There are 11 products and more coming in the CBD market in 2019.  I use the Optimum Coffee, Prevail Max Oral Spray, and the Slim Hot Cocoa.